Need pattern for knitted cape

To KT:
Thanks for replying so soon. I had neglected to state that I have no large quantity of paper and no pictures or no pattern to recreate this cape. I need a pattern. Failing that, I will have to learn how to design knitware, so I am hoping that I find a pattern because I believe that designing the cape will be harder than knitting from a pattern so right now I am trying to find a pattern. Thanks much if you can help!

I forgot to say that I bought my pattern for this cape at my local dime store in the late 70s and the dime store has since gone out of business (years ago) and I do not remember the name of the company who published the pattern for the cape.Wish I did! :(


Hi everybody,
I am looking for a ladies' cape pattern. I had such a pattern back a few years ago, but I no longer have it or any of the capes that I made using it, and I discover that I want to make another cape, so I have been searching for several days online to find the pattern and I can't find it so far. However, I have not given up. The cape pattern that I had was knit in three pieces. It was open down the front and was closed using snaps, but I sewed buttons on and sewed the snaps underneath, so the cape looks like it buttons closed, but it actually snaps closed. It had arm slits on the left front and on the right front and it had a collar, although not a stand up one. This collar was knit as I knit the trim on the cape. The trim went around the bottom and up the front and around the neck. I knit it with a solid color and the body I did using variagated thread. The cape is hip length. Does anybody have a link to a pattern for this?

I have been to Ralvery, Knitting Pattern Central,, my knitting group at Yahoo groups and Purple Knitty. If I (or we) can't find a pattern, is there any interest in helping me to design a cape like I have described? Let me hear from you.

By the way, my name is Jeannette and I live in middle Georgia and I joined you just today.