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Join Today! At lunchtime in the office, at church or at once-a-month meetings, crocheters and knitters are carving out small parcels of time to pursue their favorite hobby. They meet with friends who share their interest, relax as they work on their latest knitting or crochet project, share ideas and help each other. Sound like something you'd enjoy being a part of? There are hundreds of such groups that meet regularly around the country, many of them members of TKGA-The Knitting Guild of America and CGOA-Crochet Guild of America chapters. If you are not sure you are ready to join TKGA or CGOA, consider starting your own small group. Here are some ideas on how to get started.

Determine the size group you want and how often you will meet:

a. monthly b. bi-monthly c. weekly

Consider the best location for your club to meet:

a. someone's home b. town meeting places (library, school, recreation center, Y, church) c. commercial sites (book store, knit shop) d. lunchtime at work

Get things going:

a. Talk to a core group of people who you think would be interested in starting a club. Depending on the size group, ask these people to reach out to others. b. Set a meeting date and ask everyone to bring something to share. It can be a project they have completed, a project they are working on or an idea for a project. This is a great way to "break the ice" and a great conversation starter.

At the first meeting:

a. It is helpful to set regular meeting times. For instance, if you agree to meet once a month, then consider setting the first Tuesday of a month (or whatever day) as a designated meeting date. Usually there will be one day of the week that is better for everyone. b. Again, depending on the focus of your club, you might suggest different topics to discuss at future meetings, e.g.,

  • bring in a yarn you particularly liked or that was especially suited for children's projects, etc.
  • share a favorite knitting/crochet magazine or book
  • share a favorite project idea

Ways to solidify your group:

a. Adopt a group charity project, e.g., knitting/crocheting preemie caps for babies in the hospital or Warm Up America! b. Group projects are a wonderful way to raise funds for your favorite pre-school.


"Knit & Crochet Show" with TKGA Conference Activities ( Exciting classes, fashion shows, vendors' markets, special events — something for all knitters. Check out the TKGA web site for upcoming show dates and details. Sharing knowledge and skills and enjoying the companionship of other knitters is what TKGA offers you. Join one of 250 local chapters, or consider starting a chapter in your community. In addition to local chapter activities, TKGA National offers:

  • Cast On Magazine — free with membership
  • Correspondence courses for members only
  • Master Knitting Program to evaluate your knitting skills for members only
  • TKGA Conferences — Members enter the show floor for free and get discounts on education
  • Members Only Section on the TKGA web site including free patterns
  • Precious PalsTM program — knitted toys for kids in need

Precious Pals(TM) Program: Help for Abused Children

One of TKGA's most loved programs is Precious Pals because it helps children in need. To participate all you need to do is purchase a stuffed animal. It can be a teddy bear, a rabbit, dog, etc., or you can even knit the entire animal. Then knit an outfit for your Pal, which can be anything from a sweater to an entire ensemble. Precious Pals are donated to police departments, fire departments or other first responders by local TKGA Chapters or TKGA's office. When a child has been the victim of abuse or otherwise involved in a traumatic situation, Precious Pals help first-responder officers reassure children immediately, when they most need to know that someone really does care about them. It's a great program. For more information contact TKGA! Questions? Contact TKGA at: And visit our Web site at


CGOA Chain Link Conference Activities

Wonderful classes, fashion shows, vendor's market and a myriad of special crochet-oriented events. Check out the CGOA web site for upcoming show dates and details.

About CGOA

CGOA is a not-for-profit educational organization dedicated to promoting the art of crochet. CGOA provides a forum through which crocheters of all levels can learn and share in an environment that provides education, network resources and a national standard to for quality, art and skill of crochet. Here are some of the benefits of membership in the Crochet Guild of America:

  • Crochet! magazine six times annually — free with membership
  • Chain Link Crochet Newsletter
  • Annual Crochet Conferences - Members enter the show floor for free and get discounts on education
  • Exclusive National Retail discounts offered to members only
  • Members Only Section on the CGOA web site including free patterns
  • Masters Program for members only
  • Correspondence Courses for members only

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