Debbie Stoller LOVES yarn

Debbie Stoller is the author of the celebrated Stitch 'n Bitch series of knitting and crochet books, and the editor in chief of women's magazine BUST. The Stitch 'n Bitch group she formed in 1999 in NYC's East Village has since spawned over a thousand groups in more than 250 locations, and they are all listed on her website, She is also the force behind Stitch Nation Yarn by Debbie StollerDebbie Stoller—an all-natural fiber, affordable yarn line she's created in collaboration with Red Heart.

I love yarn, but I'll admit: I'm a bit of a yarn snob. I only like to work with all-natural fibers, like wool. I love that wool has so many magical qualities — it absorbs water and keeps you dry, it's lightweight yet extremely warm — those sheep know what they're doing! And I especially love that when you sniff a ball of 100% wool yarn, you can smell the sheep in it. Yum.

Yarn Pride Felted Badge

by Debbie Stoller

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Yarn Prode Felt Badge photo


  • Stitch Nation by Debbie Stoller Full o’ Sheep
  • One ball Aquamarine
  • One ball Poppy
  • Length of Little Lamb
  • 1 pair size 8 needles


Doesn’t matter


Co 50 sts
Work 15 rows st st, ending with a purl row.
Knit 15 sts, work chart over next 20 stitches, knit 15 stitches.
Continue in this manner, working chart over center 20 stitches until last row of chart is complete.
Work 15 more rows in st st.

Wash piece in hot water with agitation until it shrinks to appropriate size. Embroider on knitting needles using satin stitch with Little Lamb. Add knitting needle knobs with french knots. Cut out badge in heart shape.

Pin to clothing to show your yarny pride!

Yarn Pride Felted Badge chart

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