Help a new crocheter

Hello. I'm new here. I taught myself how to knit fairly easily and have been knitting for 3 years now. I figure it's time for me to learn crochet since some knitted patterns I'd like to do have some crochet in them.

I've been mulling over the link for reading a crochet pattern and I am still confused on some things. So that you know what I'm talking about, I will provide a link to the pattern I'm working on.

At the beginning of this pattern, we start with 8 DC in a circle. Then Ch2. Now, if I'm reading this correctly, I end with 8 on row 2 and start with 1 DC on row 3. I'm supposed to "2 DC into each st to end of row" to end with 16, but doesn't the Ch 2 at the beginning of the row count as one? So on the last one do I just do 1 DC? Otherwise I end with 17 DC, correct?

After round 4, I work even for 2 rows. That just means I repeat row 4 two more times. So with that in mind, how am I supposed to DC the first 23 sts and leave 9 open when there will be more than 32 sts by the time this will happen? Or am I counting things wrong?

The link for reading a crochet pattern says that the loop hole directly underneath the starting chain is incorrect, but if I don't do one right there then I will end up missing 2 sts/ch every row.

I don't know how many times I've froged this pattern, only to start completely over with youtube tutorials on how to sc, dc, chain in a circle... It's supposed to be a cup and I end up with a flat work. Can you help me out?

Thank you,