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Beginner and need help with pattern

I am new to crocheting and am excited about learning how to make different things. I am currently trying a pattern for a pot holder. The first part was easy enough: ch 5 and sl st to form ring. It's the second part I can't figure out. It says Rnd1) Ch 3, 3 tc in ring, ch 6. *4 tc, ch 6* repeat between * two more times. S1 st to beg. ch 3. Cut yarn and tuck in ends.
Rnd2) With color B join yarn in any ch 6 sp, ch3 (beg tc), 11 more tc in sp. *12 tc in next ch 6 sp* repeat between * two more times. sl st to beg ch 3. Cut yarn and tuck in ends.


need help with red heart pattern lc2712_0-1

Has anyone out there made this pattern? I'm having trouble with the pattern instructions where it says "Sleeve Edging Row 1: With right side facing, using larger hook, working across opposite side of foundation ch, join thread in first ch on bottom edge of Sleeve, ch 1, sc in first 0 (0, 1) ch, sc2tog in next 2 sts; repeat from * across to last 0 (0, 1) st, sc in last 0 (0, 1) st; turn---35 (39, 43) sets.

what does the number 0 represent?


Washing wool yarn

Does anyone know if you can wash Patons Classic Wool yarn in the washing machine on a delicate cycle? I am making a baby blanket that called for Patons in the pattern but with it being for a baby it will probably have to be washed quite a bit and I don't think my niece will have time or energy to wash it by hand.
Thanks for the help.


resize hat too large - completed

How to resize hat too large once completed? It appeared to fit innitially, but the yarn has stretched so much that you can literally spin the hat around on one's head. Can I save my hat by resizing somehow? I'm a new crocheter and the hat was a stretch for me, so please keep it simple with lots of detail. Thank you so much for saving my hat! :-) newby


stuck on a pattern for a market bag

I need working on the "body" of the bag. I have 88 sc after my first rnd. And that is what im supposed to have. Rnd 2 is ch1, sc in each st around; join with sl st in first sc. repeat this round until my bag is 6 inches high. But im not sure if I should be sl st into the chain or the sc. Ive tried both ways and I dont end up with 88. I keep getting 91, 90. I have also torn the bag apart because the corner where I am joining the row is 1/2 taller than all other please