Need help with Crochet instructions please!

I am crocheting a baby blanket and in the first row I understand the directions. At the end o the row I am to join another color. It says not to break the original color and to pull long loop of the original color to prevent it from unraveling. Next it says to turn and then go on with row 2 with the new color till I get to the last stitch performed in the top of the turning chain. It says not to break the new color, pull the long loop to prevent from unraveling. Now is where I need says DO NOT TURN. Then for 3rd row, pick up the dropped strand of the original color from the first row and ch 3. Then sl st to top of ch 3 of 2nd row. How am I supposed to use the original color strand I dropped from row 1? In my head I envision that still being at the opposite end of where I have just ended up. Does anyone understand this? Can anyone explain it a little better for me? Any and all suggestions would be greatly appreciated!