In my hometown, the natives of the land and the Malays would usually engage in trading and sell goods that are considered homegrown in their respective places. This is made possible because it would only take a ferry-ride to reach their destination. Hence, the bartering of goods usually happens on the shore; and, most of the time these goods would include textiles. They were not just ordinary textiles, though. They were first class cloths interwoven by the very hands of man. And I really love the texture of the cloths so every time I needed to have a dress sewn for an occasion I bought textiles from the barter.

Now, before we delve into another topic, let us focus on something nearly related to sewing. As we move along, you will realize that my interests do not only involve textiles. Because we are a family of artists – and that’s something that I would like to believe in – we like anything that connected to arts. As for me, I have always wanted to try knitting or crocheting. Surprisingly, I was never good at it even though two of my grandmothers do excel in such craft. So I decided to learn on my own instead of wasting a couple of bucks for training. Fortunately, the internet is now readily available. With just a click of the mouse, I could already find what I’ve been looking for.

During the course of my research, I was really astounded by the number of people who are into knitting. Some of them have even made a living out of it because their products were really beautiful. And I felt a pang of jealousy because I couldn’t make one for myself albeit I was already starting to learn the skill. Thus I continued on and learned a couple of crochet terms that were very helpful. A few of the things I had to deal with were the details about the needles and the yarn.

There are different knitting needles sizes and same holds true for yarns. They also come in various types depending on its purpose. Once the knitting process begins, one has to know what kind of dress that he or she wants to knit because there are different knitting patterns for babies and adults. If one lives in UK but has found a needle that is made in USA, then knitting needle conversion charts are made available.

It has certainly been a long day learning about these terms and the details that go along with them. Yet it was worth the backache. I’m pretty sure I’ll learn the craft sooner.