Types of yarn

Posted by: christineka (IP Logged)
Date: April 03, 2009 02:16PM

I've moved on to making a blanket. The pattern says to use light worsted yarn number 3. I went to the craft store in the city today and picked up some yarn that said "baby" on it. I got home and saw that it had a number 3 on it. (That's when I thought to check the pattern.) The craft store was missing two colors, so I just went to walmart to pick up the missing ones. Walmart have an extremely limited selection of baby sport yarn and does not even carry the colors I need. Then, I noticed som Baby Softee yarn. It has a number 3 on it too, so I bought all the colors for the blanket (even the ones I had bought previously). The yarn seems to be thinner than the baby sport stuff. Which yarn is Light worsted weight? Could both work for the pattern?