skp trc???

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Date: September 05, 2009 04:39PM

I am stuck on a shawl pattern that reads like this, if someone could PLEASE explain:
[2trc,ch1,2trc](=one group)all in next trc, skip 2 trc, 3 trc in next space between next 2 trc, [2trc, ch 3, 2tc](=one center group) all in center ch 3 space, skip 2 trc, 3 trc in next between next 2 trc, 1 group in last trc.

I'm especially confused with next trc, and skip trc. Does that just mean the next chain or does it have to be a trc chain. And does skip 2 trc mean 10 chains or 2 trc stitches??

I'm so excited to start and am totally stumped!f