confused on a step in my scarf pattern

Hi, I am a new crocheter and glad to have found this site! It's not easy to teach yourself to do this, and hoping for some help from the more experienced! =)
My pattern is from Melissa Leapman's Cozy Crochet Kit ~ the mohair scarf project. The steps are:
foundation row: dc into 10th ch from hook, *ch 3, skip next 3 ch, dc into next ch. Repeat from * across. Ch 5, turn.
Row1: *Sc into next ch-3 sp, ch 2, dc into next dc, ch 2. repeat from * across, ending with sc under turning -ch 5, ch 2, dc into third ch of turning-ch. Ch 6, turn.
Row 2: Skip first dc, *dc into next dc, ch 3. Repeat from * across, ending with dc into third ch of turning-ch 5, turn.
Repeat rows 1 and 2 for patt until piece measures 60"long from beg. ending after row2 of pattern.

My problem is at Row 1, i don't understand the "ending with sc under turning-ch 5 ..... dc into third ch of turning-ch." I can see that I will run into instruction again in Row 2. Where are these turning chains?? It appears that there are 10 chains from the foundation row that loop around.. is that the turning-ch? HELP! lol! (and thank you!)