Crocheted Ripple Beret & Scarf help

First of all I would like to give thanks for this site being available. I am a "self" taught crocheter and have learned so much just from the help of these forums and consider myself to be at the "intermediate" level of skill!

Before posting this I researched the old and new forums to see if this question has been discussed and was not able to find any info that I am looking for.

I attempted to make the beret only from the free pattern Crocheted Ripple Beret & Scarf. The pattern for the beret has 26 rounds listed. My finished product looked like just the very top part of the beret that sits upon the top of the head, ((the flat part) it did not have the band that would go around the forhead. I ended up with 40 sc as instructed on round
# 23. The size of my finished product appears to be correct for the flat section of the beret only. I am extremely confused. I worked the beret in the round as it suggested and used the appropriate yarn and hook as suggested and checked gauge. On the page where the pattern is located there is a picture of what appears to be the "band" but I dont see anywhere in the pattern that would allow this piece to be made. What did I do wrong? any help would be forever appreciated. I tried making this as a Christmas gift for my 15 yo neice who absolutely adores beret's and I would love to make a few more for her so I am begging of anyone out there for some help! Thank you again for any suggestions.

I was thinking that I could just make a seperate band only (like making a regular type ski hat) and then attach that to the exsisting flat part but I am not as advanced to figure out how many stitches to start out with and end up with a product that looks like it's all one piece. I dont even know if that is possible. So I am reaching out to all you talented fellow crocheter's to come rescue me!! Have a great day--->Cheyann's Mom