No-turning-chain-dc as shown on YouTube

We all know how necessary it is to begin a new row, or a new round, of double crochet stitches with a "ch-3, turn" and how that ch-3 it never really looks like a double-crochet stitch even when you gently cross your eyes and pretend.

You don't have to pretend anymore. I stumbled upon a short crochet video clip that has made my crochet projects just stunning. Here's the link to YouTube's "No-Turning-Chain-dc" instructions. . . . . . .

In no time at all I was using this method and I said goodbye to the "ch-3, turn" instructions. When done properly (takes a little practice) this method is easily adapted for use on the very first double crochet in a row or round.

It works well for treble-crochet, too, Here's a video clip of the "No-Turning-Chain-tr".