Backpack Charms

chalkboard with 'Cool Projects' written

Turn an easy-to-make pompom into a Smiley face (or not)!
photo of backpack charm


  • 1 oz. image of yarn with 4 Medium on it yarn (worsted weight) in any bright color
  • thick white glue
  • 1 pair 10mm wiggle eyes
  • cardboard cut to 2" by 3"
  • chenille stem, black
  • key ring
  • scissors


  1. To make pompom for the smiley face, wrap yarn around 2" width of cardboard 75 times. Cut an 18" length of green yarn, fold it in half and lay it down on your work surface. Slip yarn off cardboard and place over piece of yarn. Tie yarn tightly around center of yarn bundle, which you have removed from the cardboard. Use ends of yarn used to tie bundle to tie pompom to key ring. Cut yarn loops open and trim excess yarn to create a round body.
  2. Cut a 1 1/2" piece of black chenille stem, bending it to form a smile (or frown). Glue wiggles eyes and mouth to front of pompom to make the face.