chalkboard with 'Cool Projects' written
photo of a crocheted Humbug

What are Humbugs? Whatever you want them to be! They look like 3-D triangles.

Make one in 3 steps:
1. Knit it
2. Sew and stuff it
3. Decorate it


  • 2 oz. image of yarn with 4 Medium on it yarn (worsted weight), plus extra yarn decorating
  • 5.5 mm/9 knitting needles
  • yarn needle
  • stuffing


line drawing of how to finish the Humbug

Knit 2 squares. Cast on 16 stitches.
Row 1: Knit every stitch on the needle.
Repeat Row 1 until your knitting is a square.
Bind off.

Knit a second square. Try using another color yarn!
To finish your Humbug, place one knitted square on top of the other. Thread the yarn needle and join the seams on three sides using the whip stitch. Stuff the knitted pocket with fiber fill, cotton balls or even an old sock! Squeeze the sides of the knitted pocket together, forming a 3-D triangle, and sew the fourth side. (See diagrams.)

DECORATE! Glue on eyes. Add hair or whiskers. Make pompoms. Do whatever.